I am Maroš Kučera, and I'm a Backend Developer. Currently, I work with VIZIO, a Digital Experience Studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Usually, the stuff that I (co-)develop uses Symfony or Flask as a base, my code is therefore mostly PHP and Python. I believe that programming language is an artisan's tool and artisan's value is not in his tools but his skill. Therefore, you could call me a PHP programmer or a Python programmer, but it's not really the important thing about me.

I also dabble in Go and I now firmly believe this is where (my) future is headed. I even have a little experience with web frontends, namely Vue.js. As a side-thing, but which comes up often, I like to meddle in databases. I enjoy finding ways to optimize the structure of database and queries that an aplication sends to the database.

Lately, I am trying to implement a relationship with documentation that puts it in the forefront, making it a template for implementation of things and not just a trailer to be attached once we don't have much to do. I consider this, being an operational and not a technical matter, to be on the second level of a programmer's arsenal.

Finally, I plan to start writing a blog detailing some of the challenges I encounter and, if possible, the solutions I developed and/or conclusions I reached. I considered using Substack for this, but I decided to keep my content under my control.

If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is maros@[this domain].